Business of Art Training Program

A business planning training program for the arts and culture sector.

Creating Your Profile: Values, Ethics, and Visions

What is important to you, personally? What do you want and need to achieve over the next three to five years? It’s essential to have a vision, as well as understand your values and ethics.

Business Startup 101

How do you go from your Big Idea to launching your business? What do you need to know to start a new business in PEI? You take your first steps towards creating a business plan.

Financial Literacy

Where do you want to be financially in three to five years? You learn steps to get and keep organized financially, both personally and in your business. You are introduced to the key financial statements required for your business finances.

Proposal and Grant Writing

As artists rely on grants more than other entrepreneurs, this workshop for the arts and culture sector shows you where to find grant programs and how to submit a good proposal.

Marketing and Promotion

Did you know that successful entrepreneurs share one outstanding characteristic: They know their customers’/clients’ needs very very well. This workshop helps you learn how to do just that. You also learn how to understand your competition and the business environment, do market research, identify the stages to a marketing plan, and promote your business in the 21st century.

Business Strategy and Planning

Learn how to develop SMART goals, conduct a risk assessment and develop risk management plans, develop strategic business partnerships, and draft a strategic business plan.