Business Communications: Essential Skills Training Program

A comprehensive communications training program.

Understanding Business Communication

Now, more than ever, business communication is an essential skill that entrepreneurs must master. This workshop examines the importance of clear, coherent, correct, and consistent communication; the ethics of communication; and how communication affects our business relationships.

Interpersonal Communication: Developing Relationships

Interpersonal communication can be face-to-face, such as business mixers and business meetings, or over electronic media such as Skype or the phone. How do you manage diverse contexts to build your business relationship in a positive way? Learn how to start and end on the right foot.

Written Communication: An Essential Skill

Although letter writing appears to be a forgotten art, learning how to write a proper business letter is still necessary. Learn about adjusting the tone and content of your written communication, how to structure a business letter, and the most common errors in grammar, punctuation, and word choice.

Communication in the Digital Age

With so much communication occurring over email and social media, we cannot ignore digital media. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that may injure your brand.

Business Presentations: PowerPoint and Beyond

An effective business presentation is an essential skill for any entrepreneur or intrapreneur to master. Learn and practice positive body language, voice modulation, and use of microphones and PowerPoint to knock your business presentation out of the park.

Intercultural and International Communication

Our business environment is becoming increasingly diverse as immigration brings newcomers and export markets beckon. Learn how to avoid pratfalls when working to establish intercultural and international business relationships.