Hannah Bell MBA  

Hannah is a partner in Business Learning Solutions, serving as the strategic and content manager.

A graduate of the University of Prince Edward Island’s Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) program, Hannah is also the executive director of the PEI Business Women’s Association (PEIBWA), where she designs and delivers workshops on all aspects of entrepreneurship. She also offers business counselling sessions to PEIBWA members. Her workshops have reached hundreds of Island entrepreneurs, including newcomers.

Hannah is also the sole proprietor of The Solution Agency, which offers business problem-solving solutions to entrepreneurs and job seekers. She has partnered with other entrepreneurs in the business ventures Wicked Eh Wireless and The Spot (a co-share workspace). Hannah has been involved in hands-on adult education / training for more than 25 years, including internationally, and is particularly concerned with the promotion of IT and STEM education for women and girls and innovative strategic business planning.


Virginia (Ginny) McGowan PhD   

Ginny is a partner in Business Learning Solutions, serving as the project and intellectual property (IP) manager.

Ginny has more than 40 years’ experience in instructional systems design and workshop delivery for adult learners in academic and community settings, including internationally. She has worked with many different ethnic/cultural groups in Canada and abroad, including indigenous peoples across Canada and in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, Ginny offers the three-hour workshop Business Startup 101 on behalf of PEIBWA to Islanders who wish to become entrepreneurs.

She is also a partner in McGowan & Co.: The Write Edit Group, where she offers professional research, writing, and editing services to businesses, individuals, and organizations. A graduate of the University of Toronto doctoral program in anthropology, Ginny is committed to experiential learning and cross-cultural/inter-cultural learning and communication. Ginny is particularly concerned with promoting effective communication, adult literacy, and financial literacy.


Richard (Rick) Forsyth MA, ABD  

Rick is a partner in Business Learning Solutions, serving as the managing partner.

Rick has designed and delivered adult education programs for more than 40 years in both traditional and online settings.  He was formerly an instructor at Alberta’s prestigious Lethbridge College, and various other Canadian universities.  Rick is a graduate of several top Ontario universities, including Guelph, Brock, and the University of Toronto.  He has global experience, having taught in Nigeria, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as in First Nations communities in Alberta.

A respected and popular anthropology lecturer/adjunct professor of Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island, Rick is also a partner and executive director in McGowan & Co.: The Write Edit Group and ran a sole proprietorship, HumanFacts Consulting, for more than 15 years to provide research services to the Canadian military, CSIS, and the Canadian Space Agency. Yes, he knows how fit our spies are/were, and what happens to bones under conditions of zero gravity! Rick believes strongly in experiential learning and the power of story-telling.