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Business Learning Solutions gives you the skills you need to grow your business and exceed your goals.

Helping small business owners change their world.

Professional, Practical, and Personalized Learning

Are you starting or growing a business, and feeling overwhelmed? Our business training programs—each consisting of six 3-hour workshops—offer face-to-face, affordable learning experiences. The small group format, with a maximum of ten participants, ensures your personal engagement with the topics.

The programs are taught by experienced educators who are also entrepreneurs. Tailored to adult learners, our programs get you up to speed quickly on the essential skills for business success. You will be provided a workbook with templates and links to important resources.

What we offer:

  • Entrepreneur Readiness Training Program (general business planning)
  • The Business of Art Bootcamp (business planning for the arts and culture sector)
  • Business Communication: Essential Skills (for startups and established businesses)

What you will learn:

Business Planning Business Communication
  • Clarify your personal and professional values and vision
  • Learn the steps to go from a Big Idea to launching a business
  • Develop personal and business financial literacy
  • Learn how to manage operations
  • Develop a marketing and promotion strategy
  • Develop a business strategy to manage risk
  • Understand the importance of business communication
  • Develop effective interpersonal skills
  • Learn to write for business
  • Learn to use digital media
  • Learn how to make effective business presentations
  • Develop intercultural and international communication skills

We can adapt our business training programs to your specific context. Contact us to discuss a customized curriculum.

Professional: We are subject matter experts and experienced entrepreneurs. We know what we are talking about.

Practical: We provide relevant and useful information for your business. We help you learn business skills hands-on.

Personalized: We engage you, personally, in learning business skills and knowledge with your peers in small groups.

Current Training Programs

Business of Art Training Program

A business planning training program for the arts and culture sector.

Learn more about this program.

Entrepreneur Readiness Training Program

A general business planning training program for startups and early stage growth ventures.

Learn more about this program.

Many thanks for leading our terrific workshop last week. Your encouragement, examples, and exhortations served me well--and I am very grateful for the energy and insight you poured into our workshop.
D. Murphy